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Wellness at DELTA

DELTA launched its wellness program in April 2018. Designed to support the university’s care strategy to build a thriving pack at all levels, the program focuses on bringing awareness to the six elements of wellness. In addition, it encourages employees to explore educational opportunities under each element.

A set of six trapezoids of different colors interlock to form the outline of a hexagon. On the edge of each side of the hexagon is text describing each facet of Wellness: Purpose, Community, Social, Financial, Emotional, and Physical
The six elements of wellness

DELTA has been certified GOLD in the Well Wolfpack Certification program each year since its inception in 2018. By finding innovative and creative ways to build wellness into the core of our culture, we plan to maintain this high level of achievement.

A digital badge showing that DELTA is Well Wolfpack Certified at the Gold level for 2023

DELTA’s Mission and Vision for Wellness


Educate, support, and empower employees within DELTA and NCSCaLE to explore healthy lifestyle choices by fostering interest and engagement in diverse wellness programs, sharing well being focused resources and inspiring employees to own and value their wellbeing.


We envision that all employees prioritize their wellness through open and honest communication and increased awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

How Can I Get Involved?

Become a Wellness Champion

DELTA currently has four wellness Champions: Angela Hallman, Cortney Hagans, Tamara Watts and Jenn Scoggins.  

NC State Employee Wellness Champions are university staff and faculty who have a special interest in facilitating an innovative culture and environment of wellness in their college, unit, or department. They volunteer to promote university-wide wellness initiatives in their departments by communicating health and wellness activities to their colleagues, encouraging and motivating staff and faculty participation, planning and conducting wellness activities, and working collaboratively to promote health and wellness. To join the community of wellness champions, please visit the Wellness Champions site, review champion requirements and apply by the deadline. 

DELTA Wellness email: 

Do Have any suggestions? Let us know in the virtual Wellness Suggestion Box