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Park on Campus

Parking on campus

Important Information Regarding Parking on Campus

Parking on campus is controlled. Do not purchase a parking permit until confirming your home office parking location and requirements with DELTA HR or your manager.


Main Office

1010 Main Campus Drive
Center for Technology and Innovation
Suite 220
Raleigh, NC 27695

Currently, CTI employees receive entrance to the parking deck located directly behind the building. You will need a passcode to enter or a permit to enter the parking deck.

If your visitors do not have an NC State permit, they may park in one of the Centennial Campus Pay Lots (debit and credit cards only):

  • Partners Way Deck on Partners Way
  • Poulton Deck across the street from the James B. Hunt Library
  • Capability Lot on Capability Drive
  • Enter the CTI building from Main Campus Drive (and go to the second floor), Suite 220.
  • NOTE: Please talk with your contact at DELTA prior to arriving for specific directions.

NC State University
Campus Box 7502
101 Current Drive
Park Shops, Suite 120

Instructional Media Production

This team must have a B or C parking permit. When working in Park Shops, you will need a parking permit and there are several parking options.

  • SAS Parking Lot. 2311 Katharine Stinson Dr., Raleigh, NC 27607. You will need a pass to get through the gate and to park in the parking lot.
  • Hillsborough Street has on-street parking and is a short walk away from Park Shops DELTA studio.
  • The nearest parking deck is beside Reynolds Coliseum. A parking pass is required to park in this deck.

Ricks Hall Annex 147
Campus Box 7502

Classroom Services Manager, Video Communication Services Team
This team must have a B or C parking permit. Both permits will allow this team to park on Centennial to support their classrooms in MRC, EBII and for meetings at CTI. For Parking Access questions, please contact Shawn Colvin at


Monteith Research Center
2410 Campus Shore Drive, Suite 315
Campus Box 7502

Video Communication Services Team

Every member of this team must have a campus parking permit. Please note that the majority of the team is housed on the Main Campus. The permits they pay for allow for parking on the Centennial Campus. They usually park on the street or any decks operated by NC State University transportation. 

For Parking Access questions, please contact Tony Pearson at

NC State University
1730 Varsity Drive
Suite 2366
Raleigh, NC 27695

Venture IV employees will receive a credit card-sized FOB to park in Venture Parking Deck (2400 Research Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606).

Traveling Between Sites

For travel between sites shared parking permits are available. You may choose to use NC State’s Wolfline bus service.

Other parking options at NC State for DELTA Employees

Other Parking Resources