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Social Media

DELTA supports NC State faculty, staff and programs on a daily basis and has a story to tell. By using DELTA unit social media platforms regularly, we can share our stories in a conversational, engaging and interactive way. With our social media presence, we can reach our target audience of NC State faculty and staff and also create awareness of the DELTA brand on a regional and national level.

We manage accounts on two social media platforms for DELTA to reach our audience in a timely manner. On X (formerly Twitter), our account name is @NCStateDELTA, and on Facebook, it is NCStateDELTA. We use these channels to:

On occasion, DELTA uses a colleague’s personal account in the copy portion of our social media posts and vice versa. DELTA always asks for permission prior to using anyone’s personal account. If you would like to tag DELTA in one of your personal posts, it should be a work related topic. Examples could include posts about:

  • Attending a DELTA sponsored event (workshops, meetings)
  • Working on or announcing a DELTA Grants or DELTA Express Grants project
  • Representing DELTA at a work-related event (conference, professional group, etc.)
  • Sharing knowledge based information (articles, other professional social media accounts’ posts like those from Inside Higher Ed, UNC CAUSE, Moodle, etc.)

*If you are unsure if it is appropriate to tag DELTA in a personal post on a social media platform, please contact DELTA via email at prior to posting for guidance.

In addition, as part of DELTA’s work to support online and distance education programs, we manage @NCStateOnline social media accounts on the following platforms: 

NC State Online social accounts serve to build awareness of online and distance education programs, engage with prospective, current, and former students, and establish NC State as leaders in online and distance education in regional, national and international locations.

We tell the stories of online and distance education students, alumni, faculty and staff and celebrate their accomplishments. 

The NC State TikTok Account was created in January 2024 to extend NC State’s brand reach, especially among prospective student demographics. Internal research from Google suggests that Gen Z is beginning to replace Google with TikTok as a search engine for some kinds of queries. Research also indicates that a larger proportion of Gen Z uses TikTok compared to Instagram. Having a presence on TikTok means NC State can contribute to its own narrative on this platform.

At this time, no other departments/divisions of NC State are permitted to have their own TikTok accounts. However, if you have an idea you would like to suggest for the NC State TikTok account, please contact DELTA Communications Specialist Helen Velk via email and she will facilitate the process.

To represent DELTA appropriately and in adherence with the NC State brand, we follow NC State’s social media policy and best practices and guidelines. If you have questions about DELTA and/or NC State Online social media accounts, please contact