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Offboarding – For Managers

Offboarding information at DELTA

Employee Offboarding for Managers

What managers need to know when offboarding employees

Offboarding Communication

Once an employee has put in their notice, it is recommended that you start as soon as you can with the offboarding process and seek help from business office and IT staff. Following is a sample of an auto-generated email the exiting employee will receive once the department receives UHR approval of the final separation action.

” This email is in response to the separation of Charlene Pettiway from the role of Technology Support Technician in DELTA, whose last day is 9/30/2021.

The Offboarding website is designed to provide resources and role-specific guides for employees and departments to use when there is a departure from the University. If employment with the University will be reinstated soon, not all action items will be relevant.

Supervisor Action

Your role as the supervisor is critical to successful transition planning, the collection of physical and intellectual property, and the security of university data.  The Department Offboarding Guide navigates you through this process with specific tasks and action items. Use this online checklist to facilitate your employee and unit through this departure as smoothly and comprehensively as possible.

A few items of specific interest in the guide include:

Please note, additional tasks may need to be completed depending on employee class and/or role.

Our HR office is available to assist with questions or schedule one-on-one meetings as needed after reviewing the off-boarding website.

Campus Systems

When an employee is exiting their role, employee access to campus systems will need to be severed. The following link includes a partial list of campus systems where user access may need to be updated. Note all users will not have access to all these systems and many listed may be department specific.