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DELTA Pack Ready Plans

As part of NC State's Emergency Operations Plan DELTA maintains our unit specific Pack Ready plans. These plans provide for the continuation of critical processes and operations should an event threaten to impact the university community.

Emergency Management and Mission Continuity Plans memo for 2022

(Note documents linked on this page are restricted access. Do not share outside DELTA.)

DELTA Plan Documents

  • DELTA – Emergency and Important Contacts
    • This includes key contacts in DELTA, as well as campus partners and vendors.
  • DELTA Full Time Staff List
    • This includes all Full Time Staff in DELTA.
    • Process for managing this contact list
      • All full time employees will have an entry with basic university contact information, should be added during onboarding.
      • All supervisors must list a secondary contact number, e.g. cell phone.
      • All other employees can list additional contact information as desired.
        • All supervisors must have a secondary contact method for their direct reports.
  • DELTA – Pack Ready Continuity Plan
    • With the 2023 revision the plans were simplified. Most information is contained in this one sheet.
    • Links to detailed information on our critical services is on the Critical Services Workaround Procedures tab.

DELTA Pack Ready Team

  • Christine Belledin
  • Dan Deter
  • Tony Pearson
  • Jessie Sova
  • Jeff Webster