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Onboarding – For Managers

Manager onboarding at DELTA

Employee Onboarding (for Managers)

What managers need to know when onboarding new employees.

Steps in the Hiring Process

As a supervisor after you extend a verbal offer, these are the next steps in the hiring process.

  1. Verbal Offer accepted
  2. Offer Letter (contingent on background check) sent to employee for signature by DELTA HR
  3. Background check link sent to employee by DELTA HR
  4. Upon background check endorsement, the final hire action is approved in the HR system
  5. Employee receives the automated onboarding email the day after final approval and they will schedule an appointment with the onboarding center 

Onboarding Checklist for Employees

Managers, for each of your new hires you should create a customized version of the checklist. Items on the checklist are categorized in several ways; level in the organization where it happens, who is responsible, and when it should happen.

UniversityThe checklist tabs list functional “who”, you can find names on the Employee Info. tab.Before start date
DELTAFirst day
TeamFirst 30 days

  • Go to the master copy of the checklist and make a copy
  • Rename the document
  • Fill in the details on the Employee Info tab
    • Note several of the fields have select lists
  • Adjust items if needed on the Onboarding Checklist tab
  • Remove the un-needed items from the Departmental Checklist tab
  • Share the document with the new employee once their Unity account is created

The following is sample copy for managers to use when emailing new employee(s) about the DELTA onboarding checklist:

Here is the DELTA onboarding checklist I mentioned. The Onboarding Checklist tab is the primary focus. This is your copy so feel free to make all the notes or comments you want. Also feel free to make notes/comments on any items that are not clear and let me know so I can update the master template.

New Hire Updates

The following is an example of updates that are needed (and which co-workers typically handle them) when onboarding new employees.

(All) Add to domain authorization groupsAdd to DELTA meetingsAdd to DELTA websiteAdd SAR Request for Marketplace Shopper and TravelActivate travel responder and SOBUpdate salary spreadsheetsUpdate organization charts
(All) Prep desktop computerAdd SAT access for “office suite” clearanceReassign phone number and reset voicemail; update ComTech spreadsheetAssign space keysUpdate phone directory
(DELTA) Add to social email list and appropriate Google groupAdd to cube schematicAdd to the mail directory
Install eSignTravel approval setupPrint and hang welcome sign
Update position tracking spreadsheet

Onboarding Communication to New Employees

HR typically sends an email to the new employee prior to an auto-generated onboarding email (see sample below) that gives the employee a heads up. Within the sample auto-generated email below, HR includes the welcome video from the Chancellor, as well as the candidate guide. The candidate guide is a snapshot of perks and benefits, as well as questions to ask the hiring manager. It can also be sent as a pdf, with the ur included for later web viewing. 

Recommended Training for New Employees

After employee orientation onboarding, HR will send autogenerated emails of recommended training which is split into 30-60-90 days after new employee orientation is completed.