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How We Communicate

How DELTA Communicates: Learn about the way DELToids communicate with one another.

how DELTA employees communicates

How DELTA Communicates

Communications Platforms: Read about recommendations and guidelines below.

Review DELTA’s Communication SOP, which includes best practices for email, calendaring and other communication methods.

Review DELTA’s Mindful Office Etiquette Guidelines for information about creating and maintaining a respectful workplace.

Slack, the communication platform, is used widely across DELTA for coordination within and across teams. There are many channels available including a #general channel for DELTA-wide announcements and work-based matters. Join us at!

Tip: A few favorite (fun) channels are #pets and #random

DELTA mailing lists help you email a whole team, group or unit at one time. These groups are maintained by our DELTA desktop team. Check out our mailing group lists by clicking on Learn More below.

Learn More

DELTA predominantly uses Zoom to facilitate online meetings. Both Zoom and Google Meet offer calendar integration abilities.

Getting Started with Zoom
Google Meet Cheat Sheet

There are many spaces for DELTA staff to gather for meetings and other events. This page describes those spaces and provides some important best practices to follow when using them. The CTI Conference Room Guide provides details of each available room.

Tips on Reserving CTI Conference Rooms
– Book the smallest space you need; keep larger rooms available for larger groups.
– Hold 1-to-1 meetings in private offices whenever possible.
– Be mindful of your meeting end time for those using the room after you.
– Use descriptive meeting titles in Google Calendar; especially important for projects being tracked for reporting.
– Be willing to ask colleagues to shift spaces; if you are on the receiving end, be accommodating when you can.
– If there was food and drink in the room, please clean up.
– If you reconfigure the furniture, please return to the standard layout.
– If you use the whiteboards, please indicate if you need to keep the info there for future meetings. If not, it will likely be erased.

There is always the telephone!

Desk phones
– On campus calls: Dial the last five digits
– Off campus calls: Press 7 + the phone number
If you make long-distance phone calls, be sure to keep a log to
turn into the business office for reconciling the telephone bill
Voicemail Setup Instructions

Jabber is a soft phone client that allows you to make and receive calls using your NC State phone number from anywhere using your computer or mobile device. 
This gives the flexibility to use your work phone number no matter your work location.  When in the office it allows you to use your headset for hands free communication. 

Cisco Jabber Setup Instructions

Questions? Send a help ticket to

As a Google campus, DELTA uses many of the tools available to communicate internally and across campus.

– Gmail: our main email 
– Google Calendar: we use the calendar to make meetings
– Google Chat: think instant messenger. You can use it within your Gmail or separately on your desktop.
– Google Docs: these are used by DELTA to collaborate on and owners may give edit, comment or view-only access. 
– Google Groups: you can create groups, or mini-listservs, or become members of a Google Group. There are several for organizations on campus.
– Google Meet: this is a video meeting in Google Chat (formerly Hangouts)
– Google Shared Drives: Several departments use Shared Drives to support internal coordination. Should your team use a Shared Drive, consider some of these best practices.
– Google Sheets: this is a spreadsheet program
– Google Slides: this is the commonly used presentation program

The Communications team works with colleagues throughout DELTA to promote our services to the NC State community through several channels including DELTA News, DELTA Connections newsletter, DELTA social media and more. 

The Communications team can help you with your writing, editing and communication needs including publicity. We are also part of the Marketing and Communications team working to promote online and distance education programs as well as internal clients. We maintain the DELTA website where you can find editorial style guidelines and other resources.