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Find and Order Supplies

Find and order supplies for your workstation at DELTA

Order Office Supplies for Your Workstation

Most office supplies are located in your building’s designated supply area or by placing an online order. See office specific information below.  Contact your manager for more information.


  • Office supply closet located behind CTI220 receptionist desk
  • If you need additional supplies, request items through your immediate supervisor.
  • If you are in need of new computer equipment, reach out to

Venture IV

Office supplies located in conference room credenza drawers. If additional supplies are needed, contact Sharon Broere.

Ricks Hall Annex, Monteith Research Center and Park Shops

  • Supply closet locations at RHA130, RHA150 and MRC 315
  • Classroom support supplies – see Jiakaira Dixon.
  • Personal technologies (eg. headsets, desk supplies) – request items through your immediate supervisor