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Tally Student Union

Acronyms at DELTA

Definitions to DELTA acronyms

AD – Assistant/Associate Director

AVP – Assistant/Associate Vice Provost

ID – Instructional Designer

VP – Vice Provost

CTI – Center for Technology and Innovation

V4 – DELTA Testing Services is located primarily in Venture IV

PS – Park Shops building (suite of offices, editing bays, a media production studio, an equipment room, and media control room for Instructional Media Production (IMP) employees)

MRC – Monteith Engineering Research Center (offices for some of the Innovative Learning Spaces and Support (ILSS) staff)

RHA – Ricks Hall Addition (studios and offices for some of the Innovative Learning Spaces and Support (ILSS) staff)

BOG – Board of Governors

BOT – Board of Trustees

C-Store – Convenience Store

CCR – Central Control Room

COI – Conflict of Interest 

CQ – Course Quality team

CRC – Cooperating Raleigh Colleges (includes all Raleigh colleges)

DAC – DELTA Activities Committee

DASA – Division of Academic and Student Affairs

DEIBA – DELTA’s affinity group to educate and inform about diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and allyship

DELTA – Digital Education and Learning Technology Applications

DG – DELTA Grants

DxG – DELTA Express Grants

EHRA – Exempt from the State Human Resources Act (replaced by EPS July 2024)

EPS – Exempt Professional Staff

ER – Employee Relations

EA – Executive Assistant 

FDOC – First Day of Classes

FF – (DELTA) Faculty Fellows

FLSA – Fair Labor Standards Act

FMLA – Family and Medical Leave Act 

FWS – Federal Work-Study

ILSS – Innovative Learning Spaces and Support (formerly Video Communication Service (VCS) 

LDOC – Last Day of Classes

LMS – Learning Management System

LWOP – Leave Without Pay

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding 

MVP – Minimum Viable Product

MyPack – MyPack Portal 

NCSCaLE – NC State Continuing and Lifelong Education 

NOI – Notice of Intent to Perform External Activities for Pay

ODE – Online and Distance Education

OIED – Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity

OIT – Office of Information Technology

OSHR – Office of State Human Resources

OUC – Organizational Unit Code

PA – PeopleAdmin

PI – Principal Investigator

PS – PeopleSoft

PCJ – Port City Java

PEP – Provost’s Professional Experience Program

PPL – Paid Parental Leave

RED – Research Enterprise Data 

SAT – Security Application Technologies

SHRA – Subject to the State Human Resources Act

SIS – Student Information System

SMT – Senior Management Team

SPARCS – Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services

SO – System Office (or UNC System Office)

UHR – University Human Resources

WRS – Wolfpack Reporting System